How To Style a Bookshelf
Posted on May 5th, 2016

Styling a bookshelf can't be that hard right?! Well if it was so easy, we could all whip this up in mere minutes. Guess what - I am going to give you a couple of pointers, so you CAN do this in a few minutes! 

First off, don't let it overwhelm you! You can start with a few key pieces; wether that be books, bins, crates, or larger decor pieces. Set those pieces out first as your foundational pieces. You want to space those out, and come through with filler pieces in the following steps. Don't overthink it! 

Next, add some color and texture. In my bookshelf I added color through faux greenery. (I have a black thumb! My husband will tell you I couldn't even keep a FAKE plant alive if I tried! ha!) But in all seriousness, adding color AND texture through greenery always creates a great design piece, and helps tie everything in, while breathing in some life! I like faux plants, because they require no up-keep whatsoever! And for a busy, working mom, that's exactly what I need! You can also pick one or two complimentary colors that are throughout your home. My living room is mostly greys with accents of teal and mustard yellow. I opted to just keep this bookshelf very earth toned, and bring in the color and texture through different shades of wood, metal and greenery. But don't be afraid to go bold!

Make sure you are sticking to a 3-5 item grouping rule. Visually, things look best when they are styled in odd numbers. With those odd numbers comes various heights of objects. A taller object, mixed in with a smaller or flatter object, and tied in with a small accent piece. Keep it simple!

Don't be afraid to show off your personality be it through family photos, printables, or artwork! I stuck with family photos here. I have plenty of printables and scripture throughout my home. I just wanted to showcase some of our fun moments that make me smile!

Lastly, finish things off with smaller accent pieces. Here i used small faux succulents, candles and accessories. I kept the theme pretty neutral. My style is industrial modern, with a touch of vintage farmhouse. I love the look of the different colors of wood mixed with metal. Such great contrast while keeping with my style theme! 

If you are out shopping and find a great picture frame or accessory that you love, but it's not the right color - try taking a can of spray paint in an accent color that will go with your decor, and painting it! It can really transform old items, or make new items really pop!

I styled this bookshelf in less than 10 minutes! It really is simple with those few steps! I hope I have inspired you to make something old, new, and helped give you the courage to finally tackle that empty bookshelf or space in your home!


xoxo Jamie

Romans 12:12

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